Sameeksha believes in the philosophy - that for the growth of any organization, the growth of an individual is very essential. We are focused on providing a platform with better opportunities to the individual for professional as well as personal development. Our rich culture and professional environment assist people in their overall development.

At Sameeksha, where every day is a learning experience, we provide every individual an opportunity to rise & grow and establish. When someone joins our family we nurture them and infuse leadership skills so that they can excel in their scope of work and take the organization forward on the growing path. We believe in working as a team and joining hands to achieve success while recognizing the contributions of each individual.  We give our employees the chance to outshine; performers are rewarded and motivated for achieving perfection in their expected deliverables. A blend of experienced and young talented employees propels Sameeksha as a leading engineering service provider.

We are always looking for talented employees to join our Team"

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